Laila’s Apple

duration 8 min | year of production 2021

a film piece by Azar Saiyar 
sound design by Kirsi Korhonen
online & color grading Joonas Kiviharju
curatorial assistance Mariliis Rebane 
4K skanning Samuli Kytö / Kavi

Words and numbers on the chalkboard, drawings on the wall, a notebook on the teachers desk, a plant on the window sill, hands, feet, a key moves in a lanyard, a look. A child returns to their school desk and sits down. The wind moves the trees that stand in front of the large windows. The narrator says: ” Actually I rather liked school. Much of it opened up my world.”

Laila’s Apple is composed of short television archive footage shot in one classroom in the year 1964,
as well as a number of interviews.

International Festival Premiere: Uppsala Short Film Festival 2021