Tell me

duration 8 min | year of production 2019

a film piece by Azar Saiyar
sound design by Johannes Vartola
narrator Anni Tani
curator Mariliis Rebane
cinematography Joonas Kiviharju & Azar Saiyar

” A narrator asks: “Do you know this bird?” as we see a clip from a nature documentary about the life of an apple tree. Tell me quotes both public and private archival footage in which birds and people are at the centre and are in connection with one another.

A bird is identified based on signs in their behaviour, appearance and voice. Recognition of these qualities establish who is singing. A familiar ballad brings back memories from a different place and time, when we encountered that same wonderful creature. Still, how may we be sure that we have twice met? This particular soul might have flown different routes over Saimaa, to North Africa or East Asia. And from there back again. Are we even interested in getting to know them? “

A clip from a text by curator Mariliis Rebane written for the catalogue of the exhibition Inkerö, Saiyar, Takala. The exhibition was presented in the tower of Finnish National Museum in 05/2019.

International Festival Premiere: DOK Leipzig 2019