Hey you!

duration 7 min | year of production 2017 (installation) / 2018 (screening version)

a film piece by Azar Saiyar
cinematography Joonas Kiviharju
music & sound by Biitsi

To be productive, to produce, to be a product. To have a value because of being productive. A very common mindset for an immigrant. “I have to prove my right to be here with being useful.” This kind of thinking in me I resist. It gives me a lack of motivation to participate in any forms of producing. Also producing words.

But these words pour out from my fingers:
You, hey you, you must learn, to shake your hands, shake your hands, shake your body, shake that ass, shake your fingers, hard, so hard, that from the tips of your fingers drop millions of stars.

for a preview link contact programme (a) av-arkki.fi

B-gallery, Turku 08/2017
Gallery Lapinlahti, Helsinki 06/2017

Festivals & Screenings
Rex Fest, Helsinki 11/2018