history bleeds under your fingernails

History Bleeds Under Your Fingernails

duration 7 min |  year of production 2016

“ We say ignorance is bliss. And you want to ask – to whom.“

We used to believe that being left handed could lead to criminality, stupidity, immoral behaviour. So we tried to educate our children not to use that hand.

History bleeds under your fingernails is a short film piece on the history of taming the left hand and on the culture of educating the bodies that do not fit.

performer Dunja Saiyar
cinematography Joonas Kiviharju
sound Kimmo Modig
music Jari Suominen

International Film Festival Rotterdam (Dinamo screening), Netherlands 2018
Message to man, Russia 2017
NEMAF, South Korea 2017
Stuttgarter Film Winter, Germany 2017
Viten Film Festival, Norway 2016
Signes de Nuit Paris, France 2016
Signes de Nuit Portugal 2016
Artova Film Festival, Finland 2016

Pori Art Museum, Pori 02-03/2017
Galleria Rajatila, Tampere 01/2017
Galleria Huuto, Helsinki 04/2016

Huuto oot Uuuh! group show, Galleria Huuto, Helsinki 09/2019

Interview (in finnish)
LeCool Tampere